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Hangouts Meet hardware

Not physically in the same room, but it does give that feeling

Effective and high quality videomeetings

The Hangouts Meet hardware brings videomeetings to a higher level; invite and participate without difficulties, easy to start up and with flawless video quality and sound.

Videomeetings on a higher level

Quickly installed, quickly operational.

The same smooth use of Hangouts Meet, but combined with equipment specially for in the meeting room. No faltering of the video image, but high quality. No more disturbing background noises and no difficult startup at all. Get started effectively, without hassle.

Perfect for every meeting room

Smart equipment that thinks along.

The cameras are smart. Very smart. In smaller rooms you rarely have to zoom the camera. Do you have a larger meeting room? That’s covered as well; the camera scales flawlessly based on the number of people in the room. This prevents someone from falling out of the picture.

Hardware that doesn’t disappoint

Smart, smarter, smartest.

The clever speaker microphone reduces echoes and background noise to give a clear 360˚ sound. The hardware detects problems itself and automatically update the firmware of all devices to the latest version and guarantees the best quality videomeetings.

“Google facts. Google has +/- 100,000 employees, 20,000 Meet kits & 120 million minutes of video meetings per day.”

Companies that have purchased the Hangouts Meet hardware via Presis

Presis - G Suite - Fastned - Google Jamboard

Presis - G Suite - ING 1 zw - Google Hangouts Meet Hardware kit

Presis - G Suite - Messagebird zw - Google Hangouts Meet Hardware kit

Well thought about and intelligently designed

Google would not be Google if they also made the hardware very accessible to use. You can easily start a videomeeting with the Hangouts Meet hardware and invite your team members. Whether they are somewhere in the building, working from home or in another country.

  • Touchscreen operation
  • 10.1 inch screen
  • 120˚ FOV camera

  • Expansion mechanical PTZ camera
  • Turn and zoom camera
  • 360˚microphones
  • HDMI plugin
  • Sound and echo cancellation
  • Chromebox Intel Core i7 processor


Presis - G Suite - Meet Kit - Google - Agenda Google Calendar

With Google Calendar you book a meeting room and add everyone to the appointment. Automatically a Hangouts meet link is added to every Calendar appointment to attend the meeting through video. You don’t have to invite everyone on the spot, that saves time.

Presis - G Suite - Meet Kit - Google - mobiele apps  Mobile apps

Not nearby a Meet kit but you do want to participate in the meeting? No problem. Then you open the free Hangouts Meet app (Android en iOS) and participate on your smartphone. That way you don’t have to miss a single meeting and get caught up later.

Presis - G Suite - Meet Kit - Google - Vragen Questions

Do you have questions about the Meet kit or would you like to order one? You can aways ask us all your questions. As a Google Cloud Partner we can answer your questions and help you with the purchase of a Hangouts Meet kit. We are here to help you.

One of the directors had a problem with his planning that prevented him from attending a meeting. This stopped many in their work. But thanks to the Meet kit he could still be there and we had a successful meeting.

Companies that have purchased the Hangouts Meet hardware via Presis

Presis - G Suite - KVL zw - Google Hangouts Meet kit

Presis - G Suite - Logo VictoretSimon - Google Jamboard

Presis - G Suite - QAD zw - Hangouts Hardware kit


Price Hangouts Meet hardware

The Hardware kit is a good addition to every meeting room. Maintenance costs are minimized and the installation is done in no time. There are two variants of the Hangouts Meet hardware.

Meet hardware kit

The hardware kit is suitable for rooms up to 6 to 8 people. This kit costs € 2499 and consists of the following four parts:

  • ASUS CN65 Chromebox
  • Google microphone speaker box
  • Huddly GO, 4K/120° camera
  • Mimo touchscreen control panel

Presis - G Suite - Hangouts Meet hardware - Large room

Buy Meet hardware kit

Meet hardware kit – Large Room

The Large room kit is suitable for rooms starting from 8 people. Costs of this kit are € 3048. The difference is in the camera:

Presis - G Suite - Hangouts Meet hardware

Buy Large hardware kit

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